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"The Keystone Kid is for all the misfits, mavericks, and rogues who think God wrote them off a long time ago.

~ Mary Diane Goin, Author, National Radio, Television Host

   I can clearly see God using this story to heal many from the bondage of "false guilt," they have suffered all their lives, even into adulthood.  Mike is one of my dearest and truest friends for decades, (we traveled and worked together for many years). I have no question of the integrity of his work.

    As you read "The Keystone Kid," you will find it hard to put down. The ultimate grace of God could show up in the next chapter, and surely it does!

~ Rob Cassels, Christian Music Pioneer

    “For those who have never lived with abuse and don't want to hear or read about it, The Keystone Kid offers a unique opportunity to address those fears and move beyond them. Seeing God's hand in the author's life reinforces faith in a passionate, loving God rather than points the finger at an uncaring deity who allows evil to exist. 

    It also stretches the breadth and depth of compassion for any Christian who would rather look the other way.  The Keystone Kid safely and realistically portrays the life of a victim/abuser in a way that builds bridges, and answers the question of why Christ went to such great lengths to rescue the crushed in spirit."

~ Melinda Ledman, Senior Writer, Editor, Hollywood Jesus

The Keystone Kid is the kind of book that offers perspective to our everyday lives and reminds us to tell those that we love, exactly that. The author, Mike Furches, vividly brings this story to life!

~ Jack Yatsko, MSW LSW


Rev. Dr. Don Davis, World Impact, Director of the Urban Ministry Institute

"The Keystone Kid is a gripping portrayal, a truly extraordinary work, and to me one of the most transparent, gritty, and gripping stories regarding abuse, neglect, and fractured relationships I have read.  It pulls no punches in describing hurtful, horrible events without flourish or sugar-coating.  This level of honesty and transparency will make it a must read for those who, like the Keystone Kid, has experienced varieties of sexual and substance abuse, occultism and violence, parental neglect, and ongoing social chaos but with a remarkable turn. 

In my mind the Keystone Kid is not a never-ending script of horror and abuse, but a real hopeful tale of how the grace of God can in fact penetrate and transform even the most difficult and abusive situation.  On the one hand, there is no logic at all that can suggest that such a story should not have ended in tragedy and death, suicide or worse, with nothing redemptive or helpful to be said from perennial neglect and abuse.  Yet, this is the twist and the hope of the Keystone Kid; it reveals through the rescue and impact in the life of Anthony that the grace of God is able to keep and save, to heal and provide, and to direct and finally to transform.  This grace is embodied in his story, and it is real.  Thank God, it is available to all who need the healing that only God through his Son can provide.

Unfortunately, all too often, God's ability to touch and transform the broken and abused is seen in stylized, even hokey ways, as if Christianity is nothing more than a topping off kind of religion for people who are already good, and who needed enough of God to make their calm and tepid lives just a little more respectable.  One would think that Christianity is for those already disciplined and moral, merely a kind of decency faith for those already good enough and healed enough for respectableness.  Counter to this idea, the Keystone Kid reveals truly how fierce, persistent, and yet tender the grace of Jesus is.  This story demonstrates how the grace of Christ can draw even the most unloved, mistreated, and genuinely desperate heart--one in the tragic state of Anthony's--to himself, giving him the courage to face all the horrible abuses of the past, and yet, by God's tenacious power, to face them and overcome them.  It has been said that the grace of God functions like water: it goes to the lowest point first, and then rises from that place.  The Keystone Kid reveals just how radical and redemptive this gracious work of Christ is, and what God can do in the heart of one who, by anyone's external standards, had little or no chance but to become a forgotten statistic, an abused child who would grow up to be an abuser or something worse.  This is a testament to the Good News that the Kingdom offers, and should be read by everyone who needs to hear how Jesus can truly transform and shine his light into the very darkest corners of our most horrible circumstances.'   

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