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About The Author

About The Author

Mike Furches

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Hi, my name is Mike Furches. My life did not start off positively. My mother was pregnant before she was married and life from there didn’t get better. My birth-father was killed in a car accident on his way back from Washington D.C. to try to make things right with my mother who was pregnant with my sister. She married a 2nd time and her 2nd husband was killed while hopping a train near Chicago. Her 3rd husband was abusive, and her 4th an alcoholic. Through all of this, I was both physically and sexually abused until about the age of 13 by various individuals when I finally decided to leave home.

    As a young man my life involved many things related to the life of an urban child. I became involved in gangs, drugs, and to a small extent the occult. I had not had the opportunity to learn appropriate things related to sexuality so I ended up having a lot of difficulty in this area.

  I lived from friend’s house to wherever I could find, ultimately moving into a YMCA transient home where I would stay off and on for two years. I came to know the Lord and became a follower of Jesus while attending a David Wilkerson Crusade. There, I learned for the first time of the love and sacrifice that was offered through Jesus. I learned the importance of looking to Christ for my example instead of the Church and Christians. Since then, my life has been different and I have learned many things about God’s faithfulness. You can read more about my testimony through my book The Keystone Kid to be released in 2010. You can also be on the lookout for the Movie being made by Tiroma Films out of Tulsa Oklahoma.

    Over the years I have been honored to share my story and of the Lord’s miraculous love before thousands all over the world. I have appeared on Carman’s Times 2 “Gangs The Mean Streets,” Night Line, and other television shows. I write movie reviews for one of the most visited movie review web sites on the planet, with an estimated weekly readership in the millions. I have also worked with many of the top bands in the world.

    I was pastor at United at the Cross Community Church Community Church in Wichita, KS. It met the needs of the urban poor and those living in Urban environments, from former prostitutes to drug addicts, and gang members. The Church closed its doors in April of 2006. I still maintain contact and ministry to many within the body of the church, via weekly in home meetings centered around prayer, and community, and other weekly meetings called Faith In Film where we discuss the spiritual truths involved in popular, contemporary movies. I get to see God work in the lives of others, through day to day living in the real world.

    Presently, I serve as pastor of Mosaic Wichita in Wichita Kansas. It is a church for those who have given up on church and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride. We do regular outreach ministry to the poor and homeless as well as the arts community. Mosaic is a growing church presently located at 902 George Washington BLVD, Wichita Kansas, 67211.


David Bruce, Hollywood Jesus

You are about to sit down to one of the finest meals you ever ate. Here is one of the finest of steak dinners, smothered in sautéed mushrooms with greens and everything good. I am referring of course to the book that you hold in your hands. Mike is the chef, and a master one at that. And like all good chiefs he does not skimp on the spices, seasonings, and just the right sauces. I encourage you to sit back relax and take in this book. Enjoy it just like you would the finest gourmet dinner that you could imagine.

My choice for a great meal is a steak. I recognize that red meat is not the healthiest choice for me. Therefore, I enjoy such a feast on those special occasions when I want to treat myself. Mike's book is like that steak dinner, which is served a little on the raw side, a little red. This is not a well done overcooked steak, which you might find in the Christian bookstore. Those books are always generally sanitized, overcooked, homogenized, with lots of added ingredients that are not natural or from life but rather artificial. There is nothing artificial in Mike's cooking. No sir! Mike's cooking is true to life. Real red meat here and all natural trimmings!

I must say, Mike has been around the block a few times. He's not afraid of life and how life happens to people. He's given his life to helping people who struggle within their life journey, and don't we all? This book reflects his heart. He writes with a deep concern for people and their welfare. I once asked Mike, "What kind of church do you pastor?" And he responded by telling me about the people and the community, his church's denominational affiliation, doctrine, and belief system, where the last things he told me about. This says a lot about Mike. Unlike institutional religious organizations, which center on themselves, Mike centers on others, those he's in relationship with. That's where his heart is. Jesus was once asked what the two most important commandments were. Jesus responded by saying, "The greatest commandment is to Love God, and the second is to love others." Love God, Love Others, and that sums up Mike, and every page of this book.

This is a very different book. It is not one that most religious publishers would know how to handle. Their assumed market demographic, they probably imagine, would not appreciate how Mike writes about everyday life, in this fallen world. Too bad! All too often religious books center on a fantasyland masquerading as real life. The market for these books seems to be people who have little connection or concern with the world around them. It is pure sugarcoating. There is no syrup in Mike's cooking, just real choice all natural sauce.

Mike is part of a growing group of Christian writers, who are emerging, that insist on telling it like it is. These writers are connected and real. They are not afraid to use the language that we hear every day in the world. They do not reconstruct the world into some kind of fantasy that doesn't exist. But rather, and again I say, they tell it like it is. That's Mike. That's this book.

As you read the pages you will become aware that this comes out of Mike's life and his journey with others. Much of the book reflects Mike's own struggles. The openness and honesty of this book is refreshing and breathtaking. I count it an honor to know Mike. I have known him for over a decade. And have worked with them on several projects, most especially on I have always enjoyed his reviews. Simply put, he connects with life, in which he is well experienced. And all of his writings and reviews reflect that reality.

So sit back, relax, and savor this fine steak dinner. A little on the raw side, and smothered with sautéed mushrooms and all the right seasonings and spices. It is served with all the necessary greens and side dishes. It is delicious so, enjoy! And don't be afraid to smack your lips!